What They Do

Permanent wood (PW) panel foundations are an alternative to concrete, ICF and wood framed preserved wood foundations.

This is a perfect solution when concrete isn’t available. Builders can save on completion time by constructing PW panel foundations faster and in all weather conditions.

PW insulated panel foundations can be constructed as a full basement, split entry or crawl space.

Homeowners choose PW insulated panel foundations because of their flexibility in design and the comfortable living space they create. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The PW insulated panel foundation is constructed of load-bearing walls with an inner frame work of pressure treated lumber 16″ oc, insulated with expanded polystyrene rigid foam insulation and sheathed with pressure treated plywood in compliance with CSA 406 Standards. During assembly building components are glued with structural adhesive and pressure laminated in a hydraulic press.


PW Foundation Wall Panel sizes:

Standard Panels sizes (before cutting and blocking):

W x L 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 9’ and 4’ x 10’

Thickness 8 ½ “

For more information about SIP Performance see Panel Information