What It Does

IPB insulated rim board provides a one piece, quick and easy, high performance construction solution that eliminates the fuss and mess of insulating (as per building code compliance) floor joist ends after floor construction. IPB’s Rim board eliminates all thermal bridging, insulates and eliminates air leaks.

Rim board is the structural perimeter enclosing ends of the floor joist. Typically the joist end is enclosed with lumber, insulation is added to the cavity created between joists. A difficult area to access, often this area under the floor, around the perimeter of the home, doesn’t get the attention it needs. If not done properly, air leaks and cold spots can show up once the house is lived in. These cold spots and air leaks can be very hard to eliminate post construction.

How Its Made

IPB Rim board is manufactured by pressure laminating 1 ¼ “ engineered wood to a core of high density EPS 2 3/4″ also laminated to a 7/16” face of OSB, the result is one piece code compliant rim board at 4 5/8″ that comes in 16′ lengths ready to install on site.

IPB rim board is easy to install and eliminates days hassle and frustration sealing the cavities between the floor joists.

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