What They Do

SIP walls are an innovative alternative to wood framing, providing higher energy and strength performance and speedier construction.

A SIP wall takes the place of a wood frame wall section by combining structural properties + insulation + air tightness into a panelized construction material that adds up to a high performance system that is building code compliant and brings recognized benefits to builders and owners.

In conventional construction the building crew cuts and nails together dimensional lumber to form a section of wall, once the frame is built and stood up they add OSB sheathing to the outside and insulate the walls with fiberglass batt and add a vapour barrier to the inside.

With SIP construction the prefabricated panels are delivered to site ready to stand. Panels have an exterior and interior sheathing of OSB and center core of EPS which provides the vapour barrier, when they’re up they’re ready for finishing.

The beauty of working with IPB Systems is the speed you can achieve  building lock up time, especially important in cold climates.

For more information about SIP Performance see Panel Information

IPB Structural Insulated Wall Panels Exceed:

  • National Building Code for Energy Efficiency requirements. (9.36)
  • National Energy Code for Buildings. (NECB) &
  • Recent B.C. Building Code Change Requirements.

SIP Construction

IPB wall panels are CCMC approved, making them Building Code compliant. (CCMC #13672-R)